Build Trust with Your Data
in 'Real & Metaverse' Life


Overview of MetaMCC (PDF)



Bringing ownership in personal data not only in real life but also in Metaverse.

The MetaMCC’s user consent platform enables a data subject to exercise the full ownership of his/her personal data not only in real life but also in Metaverse. With this unique feature, an individual can easily manage their own data and receive a fair compensation from the data consumer.

MetaMCC builds a marketplace in real-life and in virtual world (Metaverse) where corporations can get proper access to the most up to date and accurate data.

Corporations can get hands on massive potential consumer data in real-life and virtual world through MetaMCC Ecosystem. The data provided within the ecosystem is in scope and depth unseen before because individuals are willing to reveal their own preferences, the most effective and wanted marketing tool for corporations, due to the MetaMCC’s incentive mechanism.

Secured personal and credit data handling and management.

The data handled in the MetaMCC ecosystem will be encrypted and stored in a distributed database. The data will be kept secure since there is no centralized platform to be hacked, and it is automatically deleted after the data is being used.

Trust Data will be produced within the MetaMCC ecosystem.

MetaMCC aims to produce Trust Data, which provides a multi-dimensional depiction of an individual’s trustworthiness. Trust Data can be used in not only the financial sector, but in every industry that looks for a means to have a deeper understanding of customers’ social and economic value. It will unlock the limitations of traditional credit rating models.


MetaMCC’s system is an ecosystem in which personal trust data is generated. This is effective not only in an individual’s real life but also in activities in Metaverse. MetaMCC is a blockchain-based platform that includes even Metaverse and aims to unlock the limitations of the centralized system and build a blockchain-based decentralized platform.
1. Revenue shared, fairly and transparently
2. Data-driven marketplace, a win-win situation for every participant


  • Data Provider

    ‘Individual’ in the MetaMCC ecosystem in both real-life and in Metaverse.

    Data Providers provide the following data to the ecosystem : Traditional credit information, Personal data, Social/reputation data derived from the Seed Networking.

    • Easy monitoring and management of their data.
    • Full control and ownership over their own data, thereby preventing the abuse of the data.
    • Financial gains by selling the data, and by participating in the MetaMCC Seed Networking.
    • The record of personal data usage and transaction are managed transparently and easily tractable.
  • Data Consumer

    ’Corporation’ in the MetaMCC ecosystem in both real-life and in Metaverse.

    Data consumers can have an access to the data, specifically targeted for their business purposes, as they pay the data subjects with MCCX.

    • Easy access to the personal data
    • Serve various functions, such as product design, implementation of marketing strategies, etc.
    • Use the platform as a means to get data without the risk and the management cost.
    • Opening Online Branch.
  • 3rd Party

    ‘Individuals or enterprises’ that process the data generated in the ecosystem for various purpose in both real-life and in Metaverse. (Ex: Data Scraping technologies provider, big data analyst, credit bureau, etc.)

    The 3rd Party is the participant who provides the required technologies, additional analytical data or additional collected data by utilizing the data in MetaMCC platform. 3rd Party will be compensated for contributing such features to the platform.

    • Various business opportunities, such as data scraping, processing and analysis, etc.
    • Creating significant added value to the data by utilizing the data in the ecosystem.
    • Resale of the processed data for profits.


It is the process by which a company requests data in MetaMCC ecosystem. When a company requests personal data, MetaMCC network collects data from including Metaverse, social media, telecommunication companies, public institutions, financial institutions, etc., with individual’s approval. In this process, the information buyer pays to the individual and the tokens are shared between the MetaMCC ecosystem participants and the individual.



Social Network Service

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Metaverse Service

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Blockchain and Metaverse Sector

Uno Nam
Founder & CEO
  • General Planning Lead for Universities, Banks, and Telcom Mobile Services, Finger INC.
  • Service Director for Shinhan SOL and Smartphone Banking Services
  • Portal service planning for Netmarble (CJ internet)
Sangho Kim
  • Service Unit Difector of Finger INC.
  • Software Engineer
  • Blockchain Expert
  • International Wire Transfer Solution Developer
Kai Kwon
Strategic Planning
  • Etomato Future Strategy Team Leader
  • Tomatopay CEO
  • Cointong CEO
  • Likessome CEO
Seungho Choi
Fullstack Developer
  • Financial Service Development
  • Server Program Development
  • Enterprise Solution Development
Lim Jongnam
Web Service Developer
  • Web Program Develop
  • Server Program Develop
  • Game Program Develop
Youn Hun Kim
Web Service Developer
  • Web Program Develop
  • Server Program Develop
Yong Wook Choi
Web Service Developer
  • Web Program Develop
  • Server Program Develop
  • blockchain Develop
Hoshin Yoon
Management for Planning & MKT
  • Planning for Wired/Wireless services for Telecommunications, Public offices and Corporations
  • Management for Various Enterprise Solutions and Planning for Monitoring Systems
  • Online/Offline Marketing and Customer Support
Yuna Kim
Management for Planning & MKT
  • Marketing at Indonesia Branch Government Office
  • Planning and Marketing of Pay-First Service
  • Global Marketing and Customer Support
Taeyoun Kim
Management for Planning & MKT
  • Logistics inventory management in the U.S., Ascend Express
  • Marketing and customer support in the U.S. branch, Aritaum, Amorepacific
  • Online/Offline Marketing and Customer Support
Jiyoung Lee
UIUX Designer
  • Web/App Design Style Guides
  • Responsive Web & Cross Browsing Coordinating
  • Shopping/Dating/Chatting App Development Project Experience


Minsoo Park
  • B2C FinTech company that provides the utility of digital financial innovation to individual customers
Jason Lee
  • Finance Manager in Vietnam
Gab-Young, Kim
  • Credit Rating service utilizing Big Data and Alternative Data of individuals
  • Obtaining a license for "MY DATA"
Steve Hong
Finance and IT experience
  • Mirae Asset Financial Group - Hedgefund
  • Korea Exchange Bank - Investment Banking
  • Samsung Asset Management - Equity Research
  • Ilshin Ventures and Private Equity - VC
Woosik Kim
Business consulting
  • Previous) CEO of Fintech, Inc.
  • Social Credit Evaluation Expert
  • New Industry Investment Committee
  • Previous) Director of the ConvergenceDepartment (Finger, Inc.)
  • Previous) Hana Bank (Department of Computing & Info Systems)
Sungtae Jin
Seed Networking Analyst
  • Specialized in Industrial and Mathematical Data Analysis
  • Postdoctoral Researcher at Seoul National University
  • Sungkyunkwan University (Ph.D. in Mathematics)
Wonse Kim
Seed Networking Analyst
  • Specialized in Data Analysis Using R, MATLAB and Published 3 SSCI Papers
  • Mathematics Technology Laboratory Researcher in Seoul National University
  • Seoul National University (Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences)
Kangju Lee
Seed Networking Analyst
  • Specialized in Combinatorial Topology / High-dimensional Data Analysis
  • Seoul National University (Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences)
Yukito C. Nagashima
Big Data Expert
  • CEO of Apropos LLC
  • 20yrs venture capitalist experience for Health IT startups in Korea/Japan/US
  • Shinyo Clinic CTO
Sally Kim
Senior Manager in Data biz unit of SKT
  • SK Telecom Intelligence Biz Center. Social Text Big Data Plafform "Smart Insight"​ PM
  • SK Telecom Project Leader/ Ph.D
  • Contact Center Operation Strategy
Gongpil Choi
Future Finance Expert
  • Univ. of Virginia (Ph.D. in Economics)
  • CSO of Woori Finance ED
  • World Bank / ADB (Consulting)
  • Director OF KCFT
Eddie K. Choi
Big Data Expert
  • Director of Bigbang Angels
  • Director of KIISS
  • Secretary of the Korean National Assembly ICT Forum Committee
Joon Hong
Internet & Mobile Marketing Expert
  • Current AD4th CEO
  • Block Chain World · Do not be afraid to invest in block chain broadcasting
  • FocusM CEO
  • GS Home Shopping Consultant
Byunghee Son
Computer System Expert
  • Yonsei University (PH.D. in Electrical Engineering)
  • Ex-Adj. Prof. of Information Industry at Sejong University.
  • Ex-Director of the Tech Department (DME Tech, Inc.)
  • Prof. of Computer Information System at Inha Tech. College
Hajin Jhun
Economy & IT Expert
  • Chairperson of self-regulation in Blockchain Association
  • CEO of SITI Plan
  • Chairman of S-Life Forum
  • Member of the 19th Korean National Assembly (Former)
Ryan Moon
Online Asset Management Expert
  • Newsystock Co-CEO
  • PwC consulting senior consultant
  • Polaris Hong Kong Asset Management
  • Draper University Entrepreneurship




Token Sales

Private Sale / Free Sale

MVP #1

Block Chain + IPFS


End of Token Sales

Issue Tokens / Distribute Tokens

MVP #2

Data Collection / Processing


1st Stage Service Launch

Sign Up/Seed Network

Member Expansion events

Listing on Token Exchange

Dapp Launch alpha

iOS, Android

Seed Networking

Wallet Development


Service Enhancement

Form Seed network Ecosystem

Excavate Seed Network Parnerships

3rd Party Alliance

Dapp Update

Develop Seed Network Affiliations


Excavation of Data Platform Partners

Dapp Update

Launch Data Platform


Expand Service Partnerships

Dapp Update

Enhanced Data Platform


Dapp Update

Develop MetaMCC Trust Index


Dapp Update

Main Blockchain transfer

Main Blockchain Review Development


굿모닝Goodmorning Renewal

300,000 users of Indonesia

10,000 users of Korea


Partner with Karaoke APP ‘Singit’

Unmanned karaoke, token economy partnership


굿모닝GoodMorning 2.0 released

Target of 50,000 domestic users

Public Highest price fruit bidding service



Revealing the Open fruit bidding service

Achieved 30,000 domestic users

Highest Price Fruit Bid Disclosed

Strategic investment by Finger

Got 1 billion won investment


Metaverse project started

Working with NH and Finger

Opened Metaverse about Dokdo

Dokdoverse teaser site opened (


Achieved 50,000 domestic users

Occurred Average of 150,000 token
transactions per month.
(To be revealed)



1st Pre-registration Start


Highest price fruit bidding service start

Super Roulette service released(Paid)

Started future balanced development projects

Fruit/token system upgrade for TX activation

Fruit quiz pilot service test



Beta service open


Fruit quiz service open



Gathered Dokdoverse
66,500 pre-subscribers

Dokdoverse OpenBeta


MCC & Rocks (for game item) Link



Dokdoverse Grandopen

Add fishing game on Dokdoverse

Advencement for Metaverse

Expande Business Alliance

Roadmap 100% Achieved



Topped the popularity ranking of
Google Play's social section

Topped the popularity ranking
of all apps on Google Play

Secured over 180,000 users



Opened a new fishing spot on Dokdoverse

Open fishing contest on Dokdoverse

Secured over 300,000 users (Goals)


독도버스Dokdoverse 굿모닝GoodMorning

Integration of GoodMorn and Dokdoverse users

Integration of GoodMorn and Dokdoverse’s wallet

Open Rulette service and mini games on Dokdoverse


독도버스Dokdoverse 굿모닝GoodMorning

Build NFT Market

ESG related On/Off-line Campaign


Dokdoverse Expansion Pack

Various marketing plans, such as providing special benefits to holders of Dokdo certificate NFT

Begin establishment of personal credit information system in metaverse


Expansion of platforms such as Space-verse and Marine-verse based on Dokdoverse

Launching NFT platform through collaboration of IP business in Japan

Open NFT Market


Credit Integration Platform Open Beta (Enabling Friendly Network Engine)

Conduct a rating system with activity-based credit scores